SC is not only a large technical conference with technical paper presentations, tutorials, workshops or panels, but also features a Research and Industry Exhibition where (this year) 349 exhibitors from industry, academia and research organizations from around the world presented their latest products, research and concepts in exhibition booths. Setting up the exhibition is quite some effort and actually starts days before the opening of the conference (and the exhibition).

I tried to document this effort by taking a picture from the same position every day. The pictures show only half of the exhibition floor, as the Salt Palace Convention Center has the form of a large “L”, so it is very hard to take a picture of both legs of the “L”.

Thursday, November 10 — 4 days before opening. Most exhibition booths are still in boxes but some exhibitors started assembling their booth. — Picture by Bernd Mohr

Friday, November 11 — 3 days before opening. Most exhibitors started. — Picture by Bernd Mohr

Saturday, November 12 — 2 days before opening. — Picture by Bernd Mohr

Sunday, November 13 — 1(!) day before opening. One can see the progress but one is wondering whether everything is really ready for the opening. — Picture by Bernd Mohr

Monday, November 14 — Morning of the day of the opening. Looks better. Carpet deployed in the hallways between the booths. — Picture by Bernd Mohr

Monday, November 14 — Afternoon of the day of the opening. Almost ready. Final cleaning. — Picture by Bernd Mohr

Monday, November 14 — 19:00: Official opening; John West (General Chair) and Trey Breckenridge (Exhibition Chair) cut the “rope” of the exhibition. Impressive scissors! — Picture by Bernd Mohr

Tuesday, November 15 — First day of the exhibition. — Picture by Bernd Mohr

Friday, November 18 — Early next morning after the closing of the exhibition the afternoon the day before. Everything is almost packed again already. Tearing down is certainly faster than constructing the booths! — Picture by Bernd Mohr


Bernd Mohr

About Bernd Mohr

Bernd Mohr is a scientist at the Jülich Supercomputing Centre (JSC) of Forschungszentrum Jülich. He is also deputy head of the JSC division "Application Support". His research centers on Supercomputing in general and especially on performance tools for parallel programming for almost 30 years now.

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