About the blog

The atmospheric groups of the Institute for Energy and Climate Research participate frequently in airborne field campaigns. This blog will keep you updated on the latest news of these campaigns. How is the status of the instruments and campaign participants? Which research flights are performed? Which challenges do we face and how do we solve them? If you are curious whats happening on our atmospheric research campaigns, you definitely will enjoy this blog!



Portrait.8_1Corinna is a PhD student in the field of Atmospheric Science at the Institute of Energy and Climate Research since 2014. She helped developing the spectrometer AMICA and will now search for trace gases at AMICA’s first aircraft campaigns in Sweden and India.



IsaPortrai_krisch_150bell Krisch is a PhD student at the Institute for Energy and Climate and a fellow in the HITEC stipend program. During her PhD she will measure gravity waves in the atmosphere with the airborne infrared limb imager GLORIA.