… even the one to Kiruna. Today is the transfer flight of HALO to Kiruna. Due to the meteorological situation this flight goes first to the South over Malta, then back to the very North over the Norwegian Sea and finally to Kiruna.

Kiruna is the most northern city of Sweden and is located at the polar circle. It has a big Hangar, the Arena Arctica, at the airport, which can accomodate both German research airplanes, HALO and Falcon, at the same time. Kirunas location in the far North combined with its excellent infrastructure makes it a perfect base for the next two phases of our campaign.
The second German research aircraft Falcon will fly to Kiruna today as well. During the next three weeks it is planned to perform several coordinated flights with both aircrafts to measure airmasses on different altitudes simultaneously.
I am on my way to Kiruna, too. At the moment I am at the airport in Stockholm waiting for my connection flight. Here it is -5°C, in Kiruna -20°C are expected. I hope I have enough warm clothes with me for that adventure.
Okay I have to go, next time you hear from me will finally be from Kiruna!

About Isabell Krisch

Isabell Krisch is a PhD student at the Institute for Energy and Climate and a fellow in the HITEC stipend program. During her PhD she will measure gravity waves in the atmosphere with the airborne infrared limb imager GLORIA.

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