Prior to the first measurement flight an EMC-test is scheduled to ensure e.g. that no measurement instrument on the aircraft interferes with the aircraft electronics. For this purpose the Geophysica is rolled out together with all measurement instruments, engines of the aircraft and the instruments are switched on and the electromagnetic field around the aircraft and at the cockpit control is measured. During flight and the actual EMC test, only with running engines the instruments can draw current for operation. For yesterday, this EMC test was scheduled, and the aircraft together with all instruments were ready to be tested (see picture), but the airport tower did not approve the start of the engines. Today the EMC-test was also not possible so that it is now planned to be carried out tomorrow (July 26th).

Some equipment did not reach the campaign site on time and is still missing. The earliest arrival of this equipment is estimated to be tomorrow (July 26th). Before the equipment arrives, no measurement flight can take place. This (but also the delayed EMC-test) delays the campaign phase. The official campaign ending is scheduled for August 14th, but a possible shift of this date by a few days is currently discussed.

Role out of Geophysica for the EMC test (picture by Talat Khattatov)

However, the biggest step for the startof the campaign was the arrival of the research aircraft Geophysica. Here are some spectacular pictures of the Geophysica landing in Kathmandu from July 20th at 6:13 a.m. local time:


picture by Simone Brunamonti

picture by Simone Brunamonti

Geophysica arrival at the airport in Kathmandu (picture by Simone Brunamonti)

picture by Simone Brunamonti


picture by Simone Brunamonti


The colleagues in Kathmandu found some time to explore the region

Tempel in Thamel Kathmandu (picture by Marc von Hobe)


… and the view from the hotel is also not bad

View from the hotel (picture by Marc von Hobe)

View from the hotel (picture by Marc von Hobe)

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Corinna is a PhD student in the field of Atmospheric Science at the Institute of Energy and Climate Research since 2014. She helped developing the spectrometer AMICA and will now search for trace gases in the asian monsoon in Nepal with AMICA.

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