Yesterday we had a measurement flight going over India to the Bay of Bengal region. The whole flight procedure was according to schedule (i.e. the take-off was planned for 1 pm and also actually happened at 1 pm). It was a successful flight and the data look promising.

It is a fairly calm day today and the preparations on the instruments for the next flight have started.

Today at the hangar

An engine inspection at the aircraft was done during the last night so that the next measurement flight can happen tomorrow either in the morning or afternoon (which is still point of discussion).

It seems that the last possible flight day is the 10th of August. At the moment 6 out of the planned 9 measurement flights took place. Hence, in order to have 9 flights at the end of this campaign, we have to fly Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, so three days in a row. This gives the scientists little time to download the data and prepare their instruments in between flights.

About Corinna Kloss

Corinna is a PhD student in the field of Atmospheric Science at the Institute of Energy and Climate Research since 2014. She helped developing the spectrometer AMICA and will now search for trace gases in the asian monsoon in Nepal with AMICA.

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