After a brief 2 week ‘vacation’ at home we are on our way back to Rio Grande. You might wonder why do I call it ‘vacation’? Especially since the last two weeks were spent working at Forschungszentrum again…? It seems that I have been spending so much time in Argentina and so little time in Germany, that Argentina almost feels more home nowadays…

The two weeks in Germany was just long enough to fall back into a normal daily rhythm, but just too short to do anything useful. The normal rhythm of waking up every morning at the same time, no ‘funny’ night shifts, no more 12-14hr workdays, was glorious. I almost did not know what to do with my time after work. But the excess time was quickly filled up with catching up with friends, spending time with my wife and realising I can cook my own food for the first time in 7 weeks…

Travelling back to Rio Grande, was slightly better the second time around. We decided to break the travel by doing a one night stay in Buenos Aires. After the 14 hour flight, it was surely a wise choice. We spent half a day walking around and doing some sightseeing in Buenos Aires, finished off with a great Argentinian steak and even better wine. The travel was rounded off by a 5hour flight to Ushuaia and a 4-hour drive to Rio Grande.

(Unfortunately, my two photographer-scientists (Lukas and Peter) is not joining me for the second phase. I was so used to the fact that they take all the photos, that I totally forgot to take any decent photos in Buenos Aires. Hence, there are no photos attached to this post… Sorry…)

About Markus Geldenhuys

Markus Geldenhuys was a PhD student at the Institute for Energy and Climate (IEK-7, Stratosphere) and a HITEC fellow. During his PhD, he was working on gravity waves observed by the infrared spectrometer GLORIA. He was responsible for forecasting, flight planning and data processing during the SOUTHTRAC Campaign.

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