Video interview with Dr. Anne M. Thompson, NASA

Be it in its role as a natural UV absorbent, climate gas, or health factor – the ozone concentration in the atmosphere is of interest to society for various reasons. For decades, global measuring programmes have investigated how the ozone content changes due to human influence. Ozone sondes attached to weather balloons, which can reach altitudes of 35 km, are still an indispensable source of data. Forschungszentrum Jülich plays an important role in this context: since 1996, it has been running the World Calibration Center for Ozone Sondes (WCCOS). In early November, calibration measurements for the NASA-headed SHADOZ network took place here.

Video interview with Dr. Herman G.J. Smit (IEK-8), head of the World Calibration Center for Ozone Sondes (WCCOS)

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