During a necessary engine test of the research aircraft, we hoped to test our instruments. So today we worked on preparing the instruments. However, the Swedish authorities decided at a meeting this afternoon that Geophysica needs to leave immediately. The Russian embassy contacted the engineers of Geophysica requesting to follow this demand, due to the risk of being impounded. Until now there were potential plans and hopes (i.e., transfer flights to a different country and having test flights there), now we have to interrupt our work and dismount all instruments during the next hours. Geophysica must leave the country tomorrow morning. Everyone is shocked and very disappointed…

in the process of dismounting the instruments

In the process of dismounting the instruments

Earlier today: Working in the labs in the hanger

Earlier today: Working in the labs in the hanger

About Corinna Kloss

Corinna is a PhD student in the field of Atmospheric Science at the Institute of Energy and Climate Research since 2014. She helped developing the spectrometer AMICA and will now search for trace gases in the asian monsoon in Nepal with AMICA.

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  1. Steffi S.

    Uhhh gosh – what’s going on!?
    Are they completely cutting you off there!? So you are not allowed to take any flight? That is truly shoking and disappoiting… I keep my fingers crossed that they will come to their senses and everything can go on! 🙂


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