It seems customary to write an end-of-year post in the blogging realm, so here we go…

What can we say? We’re thrilled with what we’ve  achieved so far within our network! We’ve organized several informal (and more formal ones) meetings with our colleagues and had some really interesting exchanges.  We’ve met new people and encountered new perspectives, even those we may not entirely agree with. It’s all been incredibly enriching, exciting, and eye-opening. During our numerous brainstorming sessions — both intentional and spontaneous (a shout-out to that half-joke that led to ‚Let’s invite our male colleagues and hear their thoughts about  us‘) — we’ve collected numerous ideas for new projects. There are many  things ‚en el tintero‘, so stay tuned! We don’t want to make this a long and boring post, so let’s just summarize it with a big thank you for reading our content, joining our events, or simply mentioning us, #JuWinHPC.

Together, let’s continue giving visibility to the amazing women working in HPC thriving for a more diverse community in all possible facets! We‘re always open to welcome new members – no matter if female or not, and we invite you to join us.

About Cristina Manzano

Cristina Manzano is a telecommunications engineer working in JSC since 2009. She partipated developing the long term archive for the radio astronomy community LOFAR and continues working on said archive as well as in other distributed data and parallel file system projects. Mother-of-two, she doesn't find easy to juggle motherhood and work and hobbies and friendship and… she needs sometimes to remind herself to just breath.

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