Anne Rother on the latest developments concerning the Journalistic Scholarship.

As I reported earlier this year, we were not quite sure whether our idea to offer a journalistic scholarship would work out. Meanwhile we have received about 25 interesting applications and we are optimistic that there is more to come. That’s good news. Thanks to our supporters out there, the call obviously has found its way to the people we would like to address.

But there is more to report: We got in contact with IJP, that is the “International Journalists’ Programmes”. IJP is an independent and non-profit organization of German journalists, which has offered exchange programmes for young journalists for more than three decades. We are very grateful that IJP gives us the opportunity to integrate “our” scholar into their Southern African-German-Journalists’ Programme, which takes place in June and July. Not only will we benefit from IJP’s multiyear experience in organizing and realizing successful exchange. It also means that “our” scholarship has now been upgraded to a seven! week stay in Germany plus one week in Accra.

IJP – Fellows 2017 in Berlin. Quelle: Internationale Journalisten-Programme e. V.

So everybody interested, please note the current state of the programme in June and July:

Week 1: Introductory Conference,
week 2 and 3: German language course,
week 4: round trip through Germany,
week 5 and 6: stay at Forschungszentrum Jülich,
week 7: internship in the science section of a German media house.

Plus the one week trip to Accra, Ghana, where the core activities of the project will take place from 26th to 30th November 2018.This improvement of our programme thanks to IJP really gives us great pleasure. And if you are still wondering whether you should apply, don’t hesitate any longer! The call is open till the end of April…

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