Erhard Zeiss is the second colleague from corporate communications who told me how he prepares for the upcoming trip to Accra.

When I talked to him I recognized that Africa has been in his mind for a long time. What he reports to me sounds like the first sentences in an adventure story:

“When I was on Tenerife in September we went up to the Teide, Spain’s highest mountain. From up there you have a wonderful view on the neighbouring islands of La Palma and El Hierro. The tour guide pointed to the horizon: ‘And there’s Africa over there!’, he told us. Just a little more than 200 kilometres away. I have never been closer to the ‘black continent’.”

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Anne Rother on the latest developments concerning the Journalistic Scholarship.

As I reported earlier this year, we were not quite sure whether our idea to offer a journalistic scholarship would work out. Meanwhile we have received about 25 interesting applications and we are optimistic that there is more to come. That’s good news. Thanks to our supporters out there, the call obviously has found its way to the people we would like to address.

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Not a home match, but a challenge: About the first communication activites for the project.

To tell you the truth: When we got the message that PASCAL had won one of the main awards of the DFG Ideas Competition for International Research Marketing we were excited, but we were also a little bit worried. To make the project known to the African geo-science community as well as to the media – this wouldn’t be a home match for us. No, not at all. 

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