Last Week in the ZKM (Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe) a famous place in Karlsruhe a lot people joined the Python Conference with theire satellite events. Me and a few of my colleagues took place in that biggest event of this series for now. 543 attendee got a place and 198 were on the waiting list. All talks of the conference speakers were reviewed by a program committee. For three days 3 Keynotes of famous persons and more than 50 talks and 8 tutorials got on the schedule. The last 2 days me and several others used to contribute together to software projects.


PyConDE & PyData,

Sprints and PyLadies & MicroPython


Next time this conference takes place in Berlin 9 -13. October 2019

PyCon.DE is where Pythonistas in Germany can meet to learn about new and upcoming Python libraries, tools, software and data science.

PyData is an educational program of NumFOCUS, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in the United States. PyData provides a forum for the international community of users and developers of data analysis tools to share ideas and learn from each other.

Sprints is contributing together

PyLadies is an international mentorship group for women with mission to promote, educate, and advance a diverse Python community and provide a friendly support network with a bridge to the larger Python world.

MicroPython is a lean and efficient implementation of Python 3 that includes a small subset of the Python standard library and is optimised to run on microcontrollers and in constrained environments. The MicroPython Pyboard is a compact electronic circuit board that runs MicroPython on the bare metal, giving you a low-level Python operating system that can be used to control all kinds of electronic projects. The pyboard is the official MicroPython microcontroller board with full support for software features.


PyData was a track inside the PyConDE schedule. There were so much talks at same time that we are happy that the conference got recorded. The videos are published soon. Many talks on the three days focused on machine learning, big data, programming techniques.

Emmanuelle Gouillart, developer of scikit-image, Wes McKinney maintainer of the pandas project, and Prof. Peter Weibel, Artist of the Collection, Chairman and CEO of the ZKM were selected as keynote speakers.

Wes McKinney message,  when we work together we get so much more done. Emmanuelle Gouillart, gave an overview of image related processing methods and  Prof. Peter Weibel showed us that programming languages much older, Beethoven compositions can be treated as a programming language to learn an instrument and notes and to play that music.

Besides the talks I had the chance to met Jürgen Hermann who nearly 15 years ago gave me his hand to start with Python. Python was at that time 1.5.X version and the project MoinMoin I started my journey is still active developed.


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