Two OSI approved open source software projects developed in Jülich, Mission Support System (MSS) and LiberTEM, offer oppurtunities for students to participate in the Google Summer of Code. This scholarship program funds students for three months while they work on an open source project of their choice.

The projects describe ideas and details online:


  • MSS: Reimar Bauer (IEK-7), webchat
  • LiberTEM: Dieter Weber (ER-C), e-mail

The Python Software Foundation (PSF) offers this possibility for taking part a limited number of new sub-orgs each year. This year the two Jülich projects suceeded.

The PSF is an organization devoted to advancing open source technology related to the Python programming language. Since 2005, the Python Software Foundation has participated in Google Summer of Code), serving as an „umbrella organization“ to a variety of Python-related projects, as well as sponsoring projects related to the development of the Python language. Python provides mentors, Google provides the program (and the money!), and students write code!

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