This is the second part of my “Things you never wanted to learn about SC, but I tell you anyhow!” (TynwtlaSC,bItya!)  posts 😉

My SC drinking mug, glasses, and bottles collection -- Picture by Bernd Mohr

My SC drinking mug, glasses, and bottles collection — Picture by Bernd Mohr

If you go to the same conference every year for a long time you collect some nice experiences and memories, but also you collect quite some souvenirs (ask my wife about it!). My typical souvenir is some conference logo wear like a t-shirt, polo shirt or sweater. If you have met me at work, you know that I wear them every day! Unfortunately, I collected so much SC pieces of clothing over the years that it will be quite some effort to get them out of my closets and arrange them all nicely on the floor, so I can take a picture of it. But if I ever get around to find the time for it, you will see it first here on this blog, I promise!

So, to get started, I took a picture of the various mugs, glasses, and bottles I collected at SC (see above). As you can see, SC makes quite some effort to have a large collection of shapes, volumes, and colors available over the years.

My mug and classes collection -- Picture by Bernd Mohr

My mug and glasses collection — Picture by Bernd Mohr

The SC glasses are actual just a small part of my collection of drinking classes from my business trips from all over the world. If you visit me in my office, I am happy to show them to you in detail. And if someone ever wonders what gift she or he wants to give to me when you are visiting Jülich, now you know … wink! wink!

Update Jan 29: Found some more glasses at home (see below) 😉

My SC drink glass collection - Picture by Bernd Mohr

My SC drink glass collection – Picture by Bernd Mohr

Bernd Mohr

About Bernd Mohr

Bernd Mohr is a scientist at the Jülich Supercomputing Centre (JSC) of Forschungszentrum Jülich. He is also deputy head of the JSC division "Application Support". His research centers on Supercomputing in general and especially on performance tools for parallel programming for almost 30 years now.

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