Two weeks ago, the regularly scheduled DocTeam event “What are they actually doing at…?” took place. This time, ver.di visited the research center and gave the audience an insight into their work. This was the chance for us, the DocTeam, to discuss some important issues regarding our working conditions with them. The results, which are very promising, can now be read here.
Since this topic is rather complicated, we have written this article in English and German, so eveyone can follow in the language of choice.

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European Rules regarding the Vacation Entitlement for Employees in the Civil Service with a Union Agreement in Germany

Quelle: Perlenschaum by Waldemar Merger (changed by Stefanie Hamacher). CC BY 2.0


After three to four years a doctoral researcher is at the goal of his/her dreams – getting the doctoral degree! But after the PhD is before the new job! The big question is “what is next?” “Do I want to go into industry? Do I want to stay in science? Should I go into science policy or management?”

Well, that depends on the preferences of every single doctoral researcher, but the FZJ often wants to keep its excellent doctoral researchers a bit longer and offers them a postdoc position (meaning a position for a young scientist, who just finished his doctoral degree).  If you are, right now or in a few years, in this situation – congratulations! However, you should know about some aspects, which have nothing to do with science. Before we get to the actual topic, you should know that this is not just of interest for scientist who want to become a postdoc, but for everyone working in the civil service (öffentlicher Dienst) with a union agreement (Traifvertrag) within Germany! So, read the next lines carefully!

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